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Hey People,

I was finding a good way to make Loading screen/animation for my small React application, and I found 3 different ways to make good loading screens,

Type-1 : Using react-loading library.

Type-2 : Using react-lottie library.

Type-3 : Using simple CSS.

If you prefer to watch video tutorial then you can watch it here else just watch first 2 minutes to get an idea of what we’re going to build here..and keep reading!😄

Let’s Start Building…

Create your react app with,

npx create-react-app React-Loading-Screen

Next, install two libraries that we’re going to use.

npm install react-loading react-lottie

NOTE: Here, I’m…

Hi there,

In this post I’m going to share simple method to create Hamburger Menu in ReactJS. Using this method you can create any type of Hamburger Menu you want.

If you want to see whole Tutorial of creating Hamburger Menu with all the functionalities like React-Router with awesome radical gradient background effect then you can follow below Tutorial else keep continue reading…

First of all create your react app using,

npx create-react-app HamburgerMenu

Install styled-components dependancy,

npm install styled-components

Now if you want to create different file for your Hamburger Menu then you can, here I’m writing everything…

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Hi there,

Let’s learn how you can use fetch() method in React.
You can call API using this method and also You can use HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE etc.

If you prefer to watch the video then you can visit or just go through the post:

First of all, create your React app using,

npx create-react-app FetchAPI

We’re going to use {JSON} Placeholder API in this tutorial to test it inside of the fetch() method.

What is Fetch API?

As mentioned in the official MDN documentation,

The Fetch API is a modern interface that allows you to make HTTP requests to servers…

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Hi there,

How are you guys? This is my first article. I’m Web Developer, I want to share few interesting learnings that I do every day, and I thought an Article is a good way to do that, So let’s directly jump to the point without making you bore. 😜

BTW…This is my first article! 🤩

In this article, we’re not going to use any 3rd party library, Just Geolocation API.

First, create your react app using this command,

npx create-react-app geolocation

Now let’s create one component called GeoLocation.js in the src folder.

You can create a class or functional…


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